Via Aldo Moro, 19/3
43038 Sala Baganza(PR)
Tel: 0521.336423
Fax: 0521.336043
P.IVA: 02141550349

Italian Version

TREND was born to create exclusive leather for fashion industry.

Starting as a artisanal production, TREND was able to combine this type of production with industry technology and productivity.

TREND still offers great quality product at good price offer.

The tannery developed a strong commercial network in the whole work and proposes itself as a measure customer company.

TREND works with a no minimum quantity policy, and offers complete customizing possibilities for articles and colors.

Tannery TREND exposes at most important fairs in the world, and proposes a 300 article collection each season following latest EFD and PREMIERE VISION trends.

Finishing process is completed by using water based chemicals, without using any solvent or dangerous chemical products.

All products totally comply with REACh certification.



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